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Africa Journal of Interdisciplinary Child Rights Research (AJICRR)

The African Journal of Interdisciplinary Child Rights Research is a peer reviewed annual publication for the Child Rights Research Centre, Africa University. It is a publication for work of high academic eminence on cutting edge interdisciplinary research on child rights and childhood studies in the African region. The intended audience of the Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Research include scholars, students, activists, practitioners, policymakers and programmers.

How to contribute to the AJICRR

The Child Rights Research Centre welcomes contributions of relevance to Zimbabwe and Africa dealing with interdisciplinary research on child rights and childhood studies. Submissions taking an interdisciplinary and/or empirical approach to these subjects are particularly encouraged. Your submission must be an original, innovative unpublished work that is not simultaneously being considered for publication by another publication and should not, in general, exceed 8 000 words. Submissions of less than 3 000 words may be considered  for submissions as book reviews.

Manuscripts submitted for consideration must be accompanied by:

  • Full names of the author
  • Author’s institutional affiliation
  • Author’s physical address, telephone and e-mail address

Submissions should be sent by email as a file attachment to

Editorial Process

Manuscripts are evaluated by the Editorial Board for conformity with the AJICRR’s editorial and  ethical policies and are subject to external peer using the single blind method. This means the  authors are blinded to the identity of the reviewers and editors. On average, the journal returns a  decision on a peer reviewed paper in 30 days.

Manuscript Transfer

If your paper is found to be outside the scope of the AJICRR, an author may be offered the opportunity to transfer it to CRRC’s regional publication on child rights and childhood studies for  consideration. The offer to transfer is made at the discretion of the Editorial Board and may be  made prior to or after full peer review. Authors may accept or decline the offer to transfer. It may be possible for your paper to be accepted and published rapidly without further peer review,  although acceptance is not guaranteed.


Authors who feel they have grounds to appeal a rejection decision should send a rebuttal letter to  the editorial office, detailing the reasons for the appeal. Rebuttals will be considered by the Editor, often in consultation with the Editorial Board Member who handled the paper. Decisions on appeals are final.

For more information, download the AJICCR Author Guide here.


Read about our publications ethics code here.