Full Call For Papers

Sexual Gender-Based Violence and Harmful Practices and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Symposia Series, 7 May – 11 June 2021


The Child Rights Research Centre of Africa University, supported by UNICEF, Zimbabwe and the Spotlight Initiative, invites abstract submissions and attendance registration for the Sexual Gender-Based Violence and Harmful Practices and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Symposia Series. The SGBV/HP and SRHRs Symposia Series will be held on a weekly basis from 7 May to 11 June 2021.

Under the main theme, ‘THE FIEND AMONG US’: INTERROGATING PREVENTION AND RESPONSES TO SGBV/HP AND SRHRs’, the symposia series will address five critical thematic areas, namely:

Symposium 1: Conceptualization and situational analyses of SGBV/HP and sexual reproductive health

Symposium 2: Perceptions and determinants of SGBV and SRHRs.

Symposium 3: SGBV/HP and SRHR online

Symposium 4: The legal and policy framework on SGBV/HP and SRHR: Challenges and opportunities

Symposium 5: Implementation and Institutional framework for the eradication of SGBV/HP and promotion of SRHRs.

The symposia will follow a webinar format and provide a platform for serious interrogation of how to address SGBV/HP and ensure the provision of SRHRs. Accepted symposia submissions will be reformulated into publishable material.

The SGBV/HP and SRHRs Symposia Series will conclude with a multi-sectoral roundtable webinar for key stakeholders to engage on the latest interventions in addressing SGBV/HP and the provision of SRHRs.

This webinar will provide government departments with an opportunity to connect with and empower relevant stakeholders that work to serve a common purpose with government in addressing SGBV-HP and the provision of SRHRs.

It is hoped that by the end of the round table discussions, there will be clarity on the current areas of progress by government, and other players, the gaps and challenges, and recommendations for action which strengthen and advance effective partnership initiatives between all relevant stakeholders.

Registration and Abstract Submission Procedures:


The full call for papers and schedule of symposia series, will be found at the following link: http://africau.edu/AU_UNICEF-SGBV_Symposia.html

The Symposia Series will use an online registration and abstract submission system on the same link.

Important Deadlines


Registration opens: 29 March 2021
Registration closes: 5 May 2021
Abstract Submission opens: 29 March 2021
Abstract Submissions closes: 12 April 2021
Announcement of Selected abstracts: 14 April 2021
Submission of Full Papers for Publications: 5 June 2021

For more information about the SGBV/HP Symposia Series please email queries to:

Ms. E. Sibanda  crrcadmin@africau.edu
Ms. J. Dadzie  progassist@africau.edu

For information about abstract submission, please email queries to:

Dr. P.L. Mangezvo crrcpublications@africau.edu

Online Registration and Abstract Submission forms: http://africau.edu/AU_UNICEF-SGBV_Symposia.html